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I was pleasantly amazed when a human resource manager complimented over my resume, she was very happy by the way I presented my credentials over resume (the one that was created with and I was one of the four applicants who were selected for interview out of hundreds of applications. Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work.
- Steven Markham, CA
I realized how daunting and confusing it was to write a resume for job when I first started to write it. I don’t have much time to prepare for good resume and absolutely didn’t want to present a poorly written resume. I googled for resume help and I am glad I landed to your site. I produced an outstanding resume in 15 minutes with your resume maker tool. Thank a lot, I would recommend it to every job seeker who is hunting for resume help.
- Thomas Morrow, NY
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Now you can arrange your resume section as you want eg. Eduction
Also you can customize your own resume section eg. list of hobbies, career highlights
You can add your photograph to your resume to make it look more professional.
Over 60 well-designed resume templates
Free online Resume Hosting
You can download your resume in MS Word and PDF Format

Free resume maker | How to make a resume

Online free resume maker is a tool for creating resumes online; it saves your time and efforts and also assists you to write every section of resume.

Putting all your irrelevant history of educational qualifications will not produce a great resume that gets results. To write a brief and concise resume that effectively market your skills you will have to research and put lot of efforts in creating templates, formatting, choosing right fonts, making it scannable etc. An online resume maker simplifies the process of writing resume by providing step by step resume make wizard. A step is a section of resume where you fill particular sections. It's like fill in the blanks. All sections with formats, guides, examples, and how to make a resume tips are provided for each section throughout whole resume creating process. It makes sure you don't make typos and grammatical mistakes. Prebuilt resume templates make you confident about look and readability of your resume. A professional looking resume makes job seekers more confident when they apply with the same.

If you are unemployed, you are probably required to apply for multiple jobs and applying with the same resume that make sense for one job but doesn't fit for other will harm your opportunities. An online resume maker lets you create multiple resumes and you can tailor job specific resume any time by logging in to resume creator tool.

Applying with the job targeted resume is often recommended by experts because it provides most job relevant information to the recruiter. An online resume maker provides job specific examples, samples with tips to make the most out of its functionality. Prebuilt cover letter templates and resume templates format your resume and cover letter in 100s of different formats in one click. You can download your resume and cover letter with any resume template that suits your job field. Industry specific resume templates are also available with this tool.

It is simpler, secure and helps you to grab the dream job that is essential to enrich your life.